Why the properties of welding power cable are important for bag inverter welding machines

Why the properties of welding power cable are important for bag inverter welding machines

In welding machines, the power cable is of great importance in the process of transmitting the machine’s performance to operation. These cables, which must be produced according to the specified criteria, pose serious occupational safety risks if they do not meet the required standards.

Meeting all the needs of industry professionals with the solutions it offers and the articles it publishes, Lincoln Electric Turkey emphasizes the important points that will guide the sector regarding the importance of welding machine power cables. Made works; The bag shows that inverter welding machines should be easy-to-carry models for welders who are constantly on the move due to their intended use. Compared to a fixed unit, the welding machine and all pliers / ground cables make it possible to operate easily under very different physical conditions. Since many welded manufacturing and repair masters such as maintenance teams, plumbers, sign manufacturers, installers, greenhouse manufacturers and auto repairers have to work under various and challenging conditions; It can be easily understood that the supply of source energy cables that can respond to all these processes in the long term is of great importance.

In the tests performed, the standards determined for the welding machine power cables; The cable is reported to have basic properties such as its material, flexibility and current carrying capacity.

Cable material:

Some manufacturers produce PVC covered welding machine power cable and offer it to consumers in order to reduce costs. However, these types of coating materials do not provide a long service life and do not meet the conditions required for work safety. PCV cables can be easily damaged by welding spatter splashes and hot grinding burrs along with conductors such as oil and water that may come into contact with the ground. For this reason, consumers should prefer the rubber-covered welding machine power cable.


The flexibility of the rubber coated welding power cable should allow the welder to weld comfortably in different positions, the welding pliers should be flexible enough not to cause a hard and tense grip, and the cable should also be as strong as possible. Because inverter bag welding machines enable operations where the welder can constantly change location and position due to their areas of use. Therefore, the cables can be constantly stretched, twisted and twisted while being pulled from the machine. Even under these harsh conditions, the cable’s; It must be designed to be strong enough to prevent the conductive metal and electrical wires inside.

Current carrying capacity:

Bag inverter welding machines are offered to the use of the consumer with the welding machine power cable. For this reason, when choosing a welding machine; The properties of the welding cables should also be checked and attention should be paid to whether the welding energy cables provided with them have sufficient current carrying capacity according to the capacity of the welding machine.


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