Which mixer is better, hand mixing?

Which mixer is better, hand mixing?

Some of you might wonder, why should we consider to mix concrete componets the best way? Because the quality of the brick reaches the maximum of its strength when the mixture is Homogeneous. The possibility of concrete block to be broken at its weakest part is less, when you avoid “the weakest” place of it.
Oh, and yes! Mixtures espetially panmixers are quit expensive. They have some spetial metal circular form that is hard to make for the thickness it owns. Those panmixers have high-cost motors, which work at a high torque for years and years of exoloatation. And yes my dear, how coulf be cheap?
Let me least you alternatives.

Mixing by hand:

Mixing by hand might work well when you plan to make concrite for your personal needs. When the production of concrete block is for commercial purposes it might be a waste of time.

Here are some cons of this method:

  • It is labour depended; adds time and labour force costs to the production costs.
  • This process is so slow that when the brick machine is ready for work the concrete mixture is not yet prepeared.
  • The mixture might not get homogenous in a short time.

The care of the process it to mix several aggregates: sand, grit, crusher dust with a ratio of cement. It usually needs 2-3 people to mix by turn. Clumping may occur during the adding of water & typically the spade is used to pat down the mix to break the coagulated balls before being turned again into the rest of the mix.


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