Which mixer is better, concrete mixers?

Which mixer is better, concrete mixers?

Since the panmixers look too expensive for the custommers here we discuss about alternative ways of concrete mixing. One of them are concrete mixers. Lets see its Cons and Pros. Why concrete mixers?

Concrete Mixers:

Concrete mixers are similar to kitchen cake mixers, except there is no whisk, but you simply turn the bowl to get the water homogenously propagated.

The main purpose of this type of mixer is to make whole mixture uniformly wet. It keeps turning to prevent mixture to be hardened before use.

A concrete mixer is not used to mix different types of aggregates. This mixer keeps turning with water and is offered to use in such purposes when slury concrete is needed. But since brick making is a dry pype process the mixture will be eather too much wet for the required process, or it won’t mix concrete inside in a propper way.

In the end of the production of bricks made by concrete, mixed with concrete mixers might seen less strong than counterpart bricks, made from uniformly mixed aggregate. This happens because of the weakest link effect- if a part of the brick strength fails by that weak point during the tests; preasure test, modulus breaking point, etc.

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