What is a Single block Machine?

What is a Single block Machine?

In certain sectors in the construction or industrial field, various machines are used. These machines are preferred in order to save time and to produce better quality works. Single block machine is a frequently preferred machine system in the sector today. The block machine is separated according to its types, features or usage.

What is a Single block Machine?

Single block machine is available today with the possibility of easy use compared to automatic or semi-automatic machines. The block machine preferred by its manual use;

  • Use
  • Cost
  • It varies according to its characteristics.

Usage Areas of Single block Machine

It is preferred in many sectors in the industrial field as well as in the construction sector in general. Single block machines, which facilitate a lot of work, also save time. It is a preferred machine today because it is available with an easy molding system. Due to its single structure, it can be used for small structures. It has a special design for stones in small structures.

Technical Specifications of Single block Machine

  • This block machine is used for small businesses.
  • It has a design suitable for municipalities in regions with low population.
  • It can work 8 hours a day and it is possible to produce 80 square meters of keystone.
  • Single block machine produces single-phase or three-phase production.
  • It is highly resistant during vibration.
  • Vibration motor power is 5.2kw
  • Mold time is set to 45 seconds.
  • Its average weight is 0.9 tons.

Maintenance And Repair Process

In order for the machine to operate with high performance, it must be regularly maintained. It is easy to maintain with its vibrator. The molds in the single block  machine can be changed. If it is in long-term or continuous use, a high wear-resistant building material is used. 4-5 people can easily work on the machine. It is available for use in an area of ​​300 square meters. The prices of a single block machine are proportional to its quality. You can get detailed information about pricing that is suitable and compatible with every budget


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