MG 10.2 Semi-Automated Brick-Tile Making Machine

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MG 10.2 Concrete Tile Making Machine is controlled by a worker using control hydraulic control station. PLC – automatically controllable machine, can be designed if required. The tile and brick making machine is designed for full 24 hour work. Products made by the machine which are laid on pallets, are collected by special robot vertically in order to let forklift car to take the ready set. This type of collection lets you require less workers on high production speed. The Semi Automated Brick Making Machine can produce all kind of concrete blocks with any decorations on tiles. Some types which are made by the same Semi-automated brick/ tile making machine are: concrete blocks, hollow blocks, road border manufacturing.


Product Included in the Set: Pieces
MG 10.2 Semi-Automated Tile Making Machine(Border Stone – Cobblestone) 1
MG 10.2 Semi-Automated Tile Making Machine Controller 1
MG 10.2 Semi-Automation Hydraulic part of the Tile Making Machine 1
Front Output Table (with chains) 1
Finished Products’ Pallet Collector Robot 1
Back Pallet Input Table With Brackets 1
Back Pallet Dispenser 1
900 KG Pan Mixer 1
Convey Band (1000 x 50 x 1 cm ) 1
Any Shape of Standard Mold ( ST 52) 1
Small Band Between Concrete Entries 1


Tile Making Machine produces 9.000 cobblestones per 8 hour shift. After delivery, we provide short manual lectures, guides, to the main worker of Semi-Automated Tile Making Machine.

Our recommended yard settlement – minimum stock area 1500 m² to be ready for full load production.

Does not require to be covered by roof. The total area has to have ⅓  of the floor covered with concrete.

Technical Specs:

  • Brick Machine Aggregate Bunker – 1
  • Controller type – manual by operator
  • Main chassis : 8mm / open from one side
  • Total Weight of the machine: 6.450 KG
  • Dimensions of the whole construction : Height 165 cm x Length 635 cm x Height 165 cm
  • Height settings easily adjustable by hydraulic pistons
  • Total Motor power – 37 KW


All vibrations are easily absorbable by special amortisation systems, to dispel shaking of the body.

Hydraulic Units – got shaped in fully automatic CNC machines with specific chemical work on their surface.

Hydraulic Unit Motors – Have ISO standards.

All mechanical parts and their modules are standardized. Spare parts are in stock.


Volume                                  Wooden Pallet Dimensions                         95 x 120 x 4 cm

Product Type and Dimensions: Amount on go: Pieces Daily / 8 hours:
Brick 100 X 400 X 200  18  18.000
Brick 150 X 400 X 200  12  12.000
Brick 200 X 400 X 200  10  9.000
Asmolen 250 X 400 X 200  8  8.000
Mosaic Tile  25  700 m²
Square Tile  40  800 m²
Border Stone 150 x 1000 x 300  3 3.000



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Can mold up to 9000 pieces.

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    Do you send products to South Africa ?

    • Yes, we produce and send briquette machines all over the world.

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