MG 12.2 Automatic Block Making Machine

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MG 12.2 Automatic Block Making Machine designed for full 24 hours exploitation. The Machine has high production quality and volume because of custom servo motors. Can press any type of concrete based shapes like: Cobblestone, border stone, brick, Styrofoam blocks only by changing the molds. Automatic Block Making Machine in one 8 hours daily shift is able to produce up to 1,000 m² of paving stone, 11,000 pieces of hollow concrete blocks.


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Automatic Block Making Machine is able to produce almost any kind of shaped concrete blocks. Production line manufactures paving stones, decorative bricks, road borders and hollow blocks and more.

Manufacturing – Stock and drying area for Automatic Block Making Machine required minimum is 4,500 m². Does not require roof. Brickyard should be covered with concrete ⅓ of total area. Controller Type – Fully automatic with PLC Controller. Automatic block making machine has electronic controller unit with LCD for block making machine control. Fully automatic block machine has lots of extra modules which automate the process of hollow block production. The software of PLC receives lots of parameters out of the machine by help of sensor integration in Automatic Block Making Machine.

All actions and process including sensors, are hard coded into the touchscreen of Automatic Block Making Machine control board. If situation requires, you could use manual joystick for process control. All possible errors, that might appear, are visualized on screens.


Automatic Block Making Machine components:

 Part Name  Pieces
45 m³ of 3 Entry Bunker 1
Transfer Band and Weighting System For all bunkers at once (9m) 1
Convey Band (1000 cm x 50 cm x 1 cm) 1
50 Ton Cement Silo (Basic Input- Output Tubes) 2
Spiral tube (d = 200mm) with length 7-9 m 2
Silo Top Filter level measurement, pressure sensor 2
Weighing Cup for automatic measurement of aggregate proportions 1
1 Pan Mixer ( Replaceable Knives) 1
Convey Band (1000 cm x 50 cm x 1 cm) 1
Small Band between inputs of the machine 1
MG 12.2  Brick Making Machine, Automatic, Double Inputted 1
MG 12.2 Hydraulic Unit for Automatic Brick Making Machine 1
Front Output Roller Table (with chanin) 1
Front Pallet Collector for Forklift Car 1
Back Pallet Receiver roller table with brackets 1
Back Empty Pallet Dispenser Robot 1
Automated Collector Robot 1
MG 12.2 Automatic Block Making Machine Electrical Unite PLC 1
MG 12.2 Electrical System for Concrete System 1
Cobblestone Mold Decoration Style (ST 52) 5
Compressor 500L (For automated concrete feeding) 1
Automated Control Panel with Cabine 1
Product Cleaning Brush 1
Pallet Cleaning Brush 1
12 blocks / profile pallets with frame and metalic legs 1000



12.2 Automatic Block Making Machine Technical Details:

Aggregate Skip: Double Skip 2 M³

Upper Vibrator Power: 0.75 KW X 2 Pieces

Controller Type: PLC Programmable Automatic

Hydraulic Motor Power: 45 KW

Production Volume: 100-120 Pallet/hour

Hydraulic Oil Tank Volume: 750 L

Weight: 15.500 KG

Automatic Block Making Machine Dimensions: 270 x 870 x 250 cm

Outer Chassis Dimensions:        150 X 200 X 6 mm Box Profile

Total Power Consumption :       75 KW

Min-Max Product Height:          2-40 cm

Downside Vibration Power :     5,5 KW X 4 pieces

Wooden Pallet Dimensions  :  115 X 150 X 6 cm

Vibration Cooling Volume         22.000 KCal

Vibration Force:                              43.500 KG


Automatic Cobblestone-Brick Making Machine Daily  Volume

Product Dimensions Concrete Blocks per Pallet Daily Capacity in 8 hours
Brick 100 X 400 X 200 mm  22  22.000
Brick 150 X 400 X 200 mm  14  14.000
Brick 200 X 400 X 200 mm  12  11.000
 Asmolen 250 X 400 X 200 mm  10  9.000
Mosaic Paving Stone  36   1.000 m²
Square Paving Stone  60  1.150 m²
Border Stone 160 x 700 x 300  5   4.850


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Can mold up to 11000 pieces

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    I like your machines I would like to contact you if you have been manufacturing machinery in Ghana. thanks.

    • Yes, we have sales to Ghana and many other countries. You can contact us from our phone number.

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