Types of Block Machine

Types of Block Machine

Types  of Block Machine

Block machine types are block machine models designed to produce concrete blocks. Block factories are designed in 3 different models as full automatic, semi-automatic and manual.

Which of the block machine types is suitable for you should be well researched. Before the machine is procured, the properties of the desired product should be determined. Then, the most suitable machine and model should be determined for the manufacture of this product or products. The purchase must be made after these processes.

What are the Types of  Block Machine?

Block is one of the most used building materials in building and especially in construction today. It is one of the very safe and solid ways to build a wall. The block, which provides a better insulation compared to other alternatives, is produced by the block machine. Block machines first create a concrete mortar by mixing aggregate, water and cement in certain proportions. This mortar obtained is then placed in molds according to the desired product. Here, the vibrated and pressed blocks are shaped in size. Finally, the blocks are packed and sent to the drying area. Thus, block production is completed.

Block production takes place as a result of several different processes. Some machines do these processes completely automatically. Some machines do some processes manually and some processes automatically. These vary according to the features of the machine. Currently, 3 different models of block machines are produced in the market as fully automatic, semi-automatic and manual. You can find detailed information about machine types below.

Manual Block Machine

Manual block machines are machines that also use manpower in block production processes. The production capacity of manual machines that operate manually is lower than other models. Therefore, it is mostly preferred by small-scale enterprises and municipalities with less population. With manual block machines, 20 x 40 x 20 blocks can be produced. As a result of 8 hours of work, it can produce an average of 800 to 100 blocks per day.

The manpower required in manual block machines is higher than in automatic block machines. Manual block machines;

Produces block paver in many sizes by changing moulds

It can work with 220 volts or three-phase 380 kW power.

Made of wear-resistant steel.

Semi-Automatic Block Machine

While some manpower is needed in the semi-automatic block machine, the machine does most of the rest. The working principle of these machine models is as follows; The operations that need to be done during the block production are done by an operator. The operator sends commands to the machine via the control panel. Thus, one person can maintain the operation of hydraulic systems.

Manual block machines are mostly preferred by medium-sized enterprises and municipalities today. They can produce high quantities with less people and electrical energy. It is one of the most used machines in the market together with the fully automatic block machines.

Fully Automatic Block Machine

In block machines, also known as fully automatic or full automatic, all the movements required for block production are made automatically by the machine. There is no need for manpower in these machines working with PLC control mechanism. The working principle of the automatic block machine is as follows; The machine provides the automatic operation of the front and rear stacking robots with the hydraulic system controlled by the operator. The products on the pallet are stacked 6-8 rows on top of each other. Finally, the process is completed by being taken to the drying area by forklift.

Fully automatic block machine is the machine that uses the most energy and produces the highest amount of blocks. It is mostly preferred by large-scale businesses. Automatic block machines have a computer-aided automation system. Thus, block production is carried out more easily and effortlessly.

Mussan Block Machines

As Mussan Machinery, we are a leading company that manufactures high-tech products that companies need in mobile block machine and concrete paver machine, with the knowledge and experience of many years in the sector. The automatic, semi-automatic and manual block machines we produce are durable machines with the ability to operate at high capacity for many years.

Mussan Machinery provides the necessary service support to the companies not only during the sale but also before and after the sale. You can contact us for detailed information about the features of Mussan block machines and the prices of block machines.


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