Turkish machinery rained on EU countries in the first quarter of the year

Turkish machinery rained on EU countries in the first quarter of the year

Expressing that in the first quarter of 2021, Turkish machines were pouring into the European Union countries, MAİB President Kutlu Karavelioğlu stated that although the industrial production in many countries remained at low levels, European manufacturers bought Turkish machines at every opportunity.

Covidien-19 cases due to living close to the 14 percent decline in production countries in Europe, the cutting speed of the machine was buying from Turkey in the first quarter. 22 percent of Turkey’s overall exports to the EU rose by machines in the said period; Increases ranging from 23.3 percent to 37.6 percent were achieved in exports to countries with strong machinery manufacturing such as Germany, England, Italy, France and Spain.

In the first quarter of the year, when machinery exports to the USA turned positive, the President of the Machinery Exporters Association (MAİB), Kutlu Karavelioğlu, who drew attention to the importance of the high increase in European countries whose production was negatively affected by the increase in cases, said: important opportunities continue. So far, we have made very good use of these opportunities, demonstrating an extraordinary performance and achieved a 15 percent increase this year compared to the first quarter last year, including the pre-epidemic period. These data, which we have obtained before the base effect of the epidemic started, was a great indicator of success, and in the first quarter, the Turkish machine fell like rain especially in the European Union. “Despite the low levels of industrial production in many countries, European manufacturers bought Turkish machines at every opportunity they got,” he said.


“We draw great attention from our European business partners”

The second half started the increase in demand of the EU-wide last year to sustain, ‘Turkey’s Machinery Manufacturers’ brands with persistent and Karavelioğlu stating that they conducted studies targeted, he said: “In particular, representatives of the sector in Germany, administrators and we have very strong relations with media organizations . With monthly bulletins we announce our periodic export performance, we find a large place in the industry platforms and we receive great interest from our European business partners. We want to make 2021 a leap year by evaluating their interest and need for Turkish machinery more. We entered the second quarter, where the base effect will become visible, with great morale, exceeding the export figure of 2019 by 750 million dollars at the end of March. By the end of the year, we had set a machinery export target of 20 billion dollars. We believe that we will achieve this goal without difficulty, with our export performance of 5.4 billion dollars including free zones in the first quarter.

“We call on German machinery enterprises to invest in our country”

Giving information about the international promotion activities carried out by the Machinery Exporters Association, Karavelioğlu said, “We participated in the INTEC digital fair in March with our partner VEMAS Innovation Union in the eastern states of Germany. We represent Turkey at the Hannover Industrial Fair this month, and we urge you to invest in the German machinery enterprises in our country. Hannover Fair is the meeting point for technology producing sectors. Exactly 10 years ago, the concept of “Industry 4.0” was presented to the world for the first time in Hanover as a new concept. The manufacturing industry is rapidly transforming with the effects of the green consensus, which has become an issue for the whole world. In a short time; ‘Industrial artificial intelligence,’ ‘end computing’ and ‘timrobotik “We will be discussing the issues and trends that will continue to move to Turkey’s transformation agenda,” he said.


“We launched the Digital Terms Guide”

Stating that they have put the Digital Terms Guide into online service at digital-glossary.com in order to accelerate the digital development of the industry and the machinery sector, Karavelioğlu continued his words as follows: “10. We examined nearly 1000 concepts and sub-concepts, including the concept of “Industry 4.0″, which celebrates its age, together with its resources in the Digital Terms Guide. We will continue to update our digital guide with questions and contributions from technology enthusiasts who follow the world closely. ”

“We should move the share of the machine in exports to the 15-20 percent band”

That the machine is Turkey’s second largest export item with a share of 11 percent Karavelioğlu Happy striking, “We have to move this country forward share as in the 15-20 percent band. Total exports of machinery, electronics and vehicles, which are currently 30 percent in our country, need to approach 45 percent in order to create a sustainable economic structure. The fact that machinery exports are becoming a strong and sustainable source of income is an element that will reinforce the happiness and future hopes of our society in every field. Turkey is progressing with confident steps on this path, “he said.

“The amount spent on machinery imports caught fossil fuels”

In addition to encouraging development Export, located in Turkey, warning that captures the amount of fossil fuel are spent on machinery imports Karavelioğlu, he continued: “importation for improvements to be made in the incentive legislation facilitating and We have full confidence to take control of the incentive. While dealing with the cheap and dumped goods of the East on the one hand, on the other hand, we must gain the opportunities to compete with the attractive financing opportunities that the West provides to its customers. For this, we must use our resources very carefully. Our foreign trade deficit reaches double digits when we have machinery imports of 30 billion dollars a year. But; 30 percent of our capacity is currently idle and the production value of this capacity is enough to meet our machinery foreign trade deficit of 10 billion dollars. “


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