Turkish Machinery Federation will represent the Turkish machinery industry in the world

Turkish Machinery Federation will represent the Turkish machinery industry in the world

The Machinery Federation, which unites 20 sub-sectors in the Turkish machinery industry under one roof and represents Turkey in the European Confederation of Engineering Industries, changed its name to the “Turkish Machinery Federation” after the official approval process.

With the approval of the Ministry of Industry and Technology and the Ministry of Trade and the approval of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, MAKFED, whose name has been registered as the Turkish Machinery Federation, represents 20 sub-sector associations and nearly 3 thousand manufacturers. The headquarters of the Federation, which was established in 2014 as the supreme institution of associations representing machinery and parts manufacturers is in Ankara.

“Our industry brought its organization to the top”

MAKFED Chairman Adnan Dalgakıran, who pointed out that the machinery manufacturing sector, which employs nearly 400 thousand people in Turkey and exports an average of 18 billion dollars per year, plays a key role in the global competitiveness of the agriculture and service sectors as well as the industry by developing high value-added products and technology, continues as follows. “Machinery industry is not just another industry. It is uplifting and immersive. The fact that we have been given the pioneering role in all the strategy plans published by the public throughout 2019 is because it is now understood by everyone that the only way to become an “advanced country” is through the rise of the machinery industry. ”

Stating that the sectoral associations representing the machinery manufacturers have fulfilled an important responsibility devotedly for decades, Adnan Dalgakıran said, “After the name change, our organization has finally reached its peak. We will continue to express the requirements-conditions and needs of the duty we undertake in the sustainable development of our country, with the phrase “Turkey” that we have added on behalf of our Federation. “We will confidently continue to assist the authorities in making the most accurate decisions with the knowledge and strategies we have produced.”

“Strong organization is indispensable in a sector dominated by SMEs”

Underlining that they have successfully represented Turkey in the European Technology Industries Federation ORGALIM, which is the top institution of the machinery, metal, electronics and software sectors under the roof of MAKFED, Adnan Dalgakıran said, “Each of our member associations is the most competent organizations of their sub-sectors. Many of our association presidents are also working in international sectoral organizations. Our associations fly the flag of our country in 23 European federations. It works on international standards and legislation and ensures that its members have access to commercial and technical information. Strong sectoral organization is indispensable in all fields of activity in the structure of SMEs all over the world, such as machinery manufacturing, ”he said.

“MAKFED strengthens the institutional structuring of the sector”

Adnan Dalgakıran, who stated that MAKFED’s priority mission is to provide timely and timely and timely contributions to decision-making mechanisms both at national and international scale while undertaking complementary and supportive functions for the public and private sector, while producing effective solutions in the economic and social development process, said Adnan Dalgakıran, He concluded: “The fact that the machinery manufacturing sector has become the focus of our country and undertakes great responsibility, has made it inevitable to strengthen relations with associations of subsidiary and supplier sectors, clusters, regional associations and other stakeholders and to work together.”


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