The 5 most popular car brands in SA

The 5 most popular car brands in SA

Naamsa has released its latest vehicle sales and exports report, with over 92,124 vehicles sold in the first two months of 2018.

In an analysis of the data, Absa said that this amounts to a 6.6% decrease when compared to the 98,587 vehicles sold in the first two months of 2017.

Of these cars sold, Absa said that 84% were sold by dealers to the public, 9.7% went to the rental industry, 2.6% were sold to government and 3.7% were sold to corporates.

Cars sold in South Africa

Of the 46,347 new vehicles sold in South Africa in February 2018, passenger vehicle sales accounted for 67.3% (31,200) of the sales.

When looking at the five brands which were the most popular amongst South African drivers during this time period, Toyota was by far the most popular local brand at 10,264 passenger vehicles sold – with the Fortuner, Etios and Corolla all featuring on the top 10 best-selling cars list.

Volkswagen was second with 7,519 cars sold (more than half of which was made up by the Polo and Polo Vivo), and Ford was third with 5,654 cars sold.

In contrast 27,473 cars were exported in February 2018 with Mercedes exporting 10,891 vehicles, Volkswagen exporting 6,427, and Toyota exporting 5,346.

Bestselling vehicles in South Africa

Below are the 10 best-selling passengers cars of February 2018, as provided by Naamsa:

  1. Volkswagen Polo – 2,847
  2. Volkswagen Polo Vivo – 2,044
  3. Toyota Corolla/Auris/Quest – 1,302
  4. Hyundai Grand i10 – 1,008
  5. Toyota Fortuner – 1,006
  6. Toyota Etios – 990
  7. Ford EcoSport – 814
  8. Ford Figo – 775
  9. Kia Picanto – 686
  10. Datsun GO – 591



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