Styrofoam Brick Making Machine Zambia

Styrofoam Brick Making Machine Zambia

Styrofoam Brick Making Machine Zambia are produced with special purposes. Manufacturing machine spreads concrete onto molds. Right after spreading it, vibration and press applied, which makes the concrete brick stronger and homogeneous.

By time, production had got on a new level, when isolation materials were added into bricks while manufacturing process. Isolation of sound, heat, water and etc. The machine for manufacturing concrete blocks Zambia has a new feature of adding the Styrofoam tiny layer between walls of the brick.

This process of brick manufacturing Zambia differs from a regular one. For manufacturing this kind of brick you have to have a machine with two different entries of concrete, for each layer of concrete. Between those entries there is special stand for Styrofoam plates to insert between the concrete layers manually.

styrofoam brick splitting


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