South Africa President Zuma’s New Year message

South Africa President Zuma’s New Year message

President Jacob Zuma has called for renewed efforts to boost inclusive economic growth and improve the lives of poor and working-class South Africans.

In a statement released on Sunday, he touched on the country’s economic woes in 2017 and said improving the quality of life of the South African people, especially the poor and the working class, remained a key priority of the government.

“Significant strides” were made in 2017 in fighting poverty, inequality and unemployment, Zuma said, without addressing rising unemployment further.

“Despite serious challenges on the economic front, together we made substantial progress in providing basic services such as electricity, housing, roads, water and sanitation, healthcare, social grants, as well as accessible education.

He touched on free tertiary higher education for low- and middle-income families, but again failed to discuss how it would be funded.


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