Semi Automatic Block / Paving Machine

Semi Automatic Block / Paving Machine

Semi-Automatic Block Machine (Semi-Automatic Paving Machine) is a facility formed by the combination of mixer, conveyor belt and machine trio as a minimum. Bunkers and cement silo can also be added to the facility as required. Semi-automatic briquette machine (Semi-Automatic Paving Machine) is controlled with the help of hydraulic arms / pistons. Pallet entry and product exit are made with specially made wheelbarrows. The product is taken from the machine with a specially made hand truck and left to the drying area.

If the mold is changed with the semi-automatic block machine with a single bucket, colorless Paving can be produced.

With the double bucket semi-automatic block machine, colored Paving can be produced if the mold is changed

Machine Features
  • It is a machine designed for small businesses and regions with low population.
  • 3-5 people can operate the machine
  • It has 2 types as single bucket and double bucket.
  • The product is a system that is picked up by a hand truck and left in the drying area.
  • A larger facility can be obtained by adding Bunker and Cement Silo to the system.
Frequently Asked Questions
Can I Produce Both Paving and Bims (Blocks) on the same machine?

As long as you change the mold, you can produce many different stone models on the same machine.

Can I Produce Colored Paver (Paving) on a Single Bucket Machine?

We do not recommend colored stone production in single bucket machines. Because the stones are not of the desired quality.

Is it enough to just buy the machine only?

If you do not have a mixer and conveyor belt, you cannot produce only with a machine.

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