Red cobblestone making machine

Red cobblestone making machine

Red cobblestone making machine works by adding red colored oxide to the mixture of dry concrete. Right after the mixture for a red cobblestone is getting mixed in pan mixer (panmixer). It is enough to add only 3% of the total mixture mass to get a bright color. For slight coloring of red cobblestone, in order to save paint, the ratio may be 1% of red oxide.

Manufacturing process:

Before you add water to your concrete mixture, sprinkle your measured color for red cobblestone bricks, mix it with cement. Before adding water do not forget to mix it in pan mixer (PANMIXER). After the aggregates are properly, uniformly mixed add measured water to the mixture. Do not pour it only into the same location. After water is enough your mixture in the pan mixer is ready to be distributed in our cobblestone brick making machine.

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