Priquet Machine

Priquet Machine

Today our high marketshare shows us that our customer satisfaction is high too in the priquet machine sector.

We actualised the first time to give 2 years of guarantee to the second hand priquet machines wich are repaired by us.

We observed that the new customers in this sector makes his research on web and buys machines from the insufficient producers wich is inexperienced and has no quality standarts. After that the customer has a disappointment.

We, Mussan Group, tries to be perspicuously when someone has a search on web to Priquet machines, priquet machines price or priquet machines production. We make all of our spesifications clear in order to avoid any misunderstanding. Also we organize four times a year campaigns to make new machines more attractive than the second hand machines.

As a result of our Works the intensity of the request on the second hand priquet machines sector prompt us to find a new company to make our Works more efficient.

In this context we seperated our company Mussan Group wich is about new and second hand priquet machines into two new companies with a new qualified team in 2009.

As a result of our clear sales politic today we, Mussan Group, experience the pride of high market shares on the new and second hand priquet machines industry.


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