Plastic Injection Molding Machine

Plastic Injection Molding Machine

Energy-saving injection machines, packaging, automotive, white goods, etc. It brings plastic manufacturers to the forefront by offering competitive solutions to the plastics industries. In addition to the injection machines that we offer as standard with closing power ranges between 300 and 21000 kN, we offer our ServoTech Injection Molding machines with variable flow pump and servo motor drive, which provide up to 30-50% advantages in energy saving, with price advantage.

Our experts guide you through all processes, from machine selection to product design, including mould, automation and auxiliary equipment.

  • Superior quality designed for human-oriented ergonomic work.
  • VDP, High energy saving variable flow pump,
  • High L/D ratio.
  • Austrian production, fully Turkish, color and widescreen KEBA control group on all models.
  • Fully transparent and frameless front safety door design allowing for more intuitive monitoring.
  • Possibility to install a conveyor belt system under the machine, thanks to the angle of the lower part of the clamping unit.
  • More stable injection possibility with double transport cylinder in the injection group.
  • Injection group placed on linear guides…
  • More precise, fast and easy adjustment with the KEBA control unit.
  • Possibility to keep the ironing pressure constant for a long time with the close-loop pressure control.
  • Easier ejector pin replacement, with the help of the new plate design.
  • Ceramic resistors.
  • Voltage Regulator.
  • 3-color alarm lamp.
  • Superior quality designed for human-oriented ergonomic work.
  • Wide column spacing and longer opening distance,
  • Reinforced locking feature that increases the clamping speed,
  • Very sensitive Low pressure mould protection,
  • Euromap E 12 robot interface,
  • Automatic Central lubrication and monitoring,
  • Automatic mould thickness adjustment,
  • Automatic locking strength adjustment,
  • Possibility of connecting to a screw core.

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