Paving Stone Machine

Paving Stone Machine

In order to have detailed information about the Paving Stone Machine, you can request a consultant meeting about the production facilities manufactured within Mussan. You can also have our machines for the single use you need in your projects or to make sales as a supplier company.

The use of Paving Stone Machines is generally preferred intensively in landscape works planned to be carried out in the field of environment and urbanism. Machines used by subcontractor companies or subsidiary companies serving in the field of municipality; it is also utilized in smaller site and site landscaping initiatives.

It is put into service as machines that produce products such as lock parquet, concrete parquet, concrete block, rain gutter used in the superstructure design of cities. It is possible to obtain products of different shapes and sizes from these machines. Concrete paving machine produces paving stone, which has become widespread in order to meet the aesthetic requirements of the city.



How Much Are Concrete Paving Stone Machine Prices?

Mussan Group is a company established under Mussan Group machinery. Mussan Group manufactures various paving stones and briquette producing machines. The company is one of the leading organizations in the sector. Mussan block and Paving Stone machines are designed to operate smoothly for many years. Mussan, one of the best quality and robust Paving Stone machine manufacturers in the market, offers companies different models and machine options. Mussan Group’s product portfolio includes concrete paving machine options in different models. These; manual Paving Stone machines, semi-automatic Paving Stone machines and fully automatic Paving Stone machines.

Prices may vary depending on the model and capacity of concrete Paving Stone machines. In the process of purchasing a Paving Stone machine, it is important to supply the required machine as well as the features of the machines. At this stage, Paving Stone manufacturers need to analyze their needs well. You can contact Mussan for detailed information about concrete parquet machine prices and product information. Mussan Group helps companies at all stages.

Paving Stone Machine Models

Concrete Paving Stone machines are machines that allow the production of materials produced with similar methods. With these machines, different building materials such as concrete Paving Stone, block or pumice can be obtained. In particular, block and concrete Paving Stone are building elements that have been used all over the world for many years. Old model machines were developed with the technology of that period. Therefore, manpower was needed along with the machines. But today, fully automatic block factories are being designed. Block machine models are as follows;

  • Semi-Automatic Paving Stone Machine: These are the machines that require manpower especially in the last stage of paving stone production, that is, in the process of stacking and transporting the stones to the usage area. According to automatic machines, in some stages, besides automation, authorized personnel are also accompanied.
  • Manual Paver Machine: These are the machines controlled by the personnel throughout the entire process, from filling the mixer with raw materials to shaping, producing and printing. It requires more people and therefore more labor.

Fully Automatic Paving Machine: These are the machines that are used in the automation-based realization of paving stone production with all its stages, and the need for manpower is at a minimum level.


Manual Paving Stone Machine

In terms of ease of use, preference is generally made over the automatic parquet machine. However, depending on the cost and purpose of use, interest in manual paving stone production facilities has been increasing in recent years.

The reason for the need for more labor in this machine type, which serves in integration with the mixer, is due to the scaling of blocks and stones, the determination of the size of the mortar to be sent to the mixture, and the stacking of the products with direct human power.

Concrete Paving Stone machines are machines that produce pavers that can be used in different areas. Paver production facilities are based on shaping the concrete mortar. These machines use vibration and compression method due to their features. In the machine, the raw material of the stone is processed to be poured into moulds of different shapes. The durability of the stone is also ensured in this process. Because the processed mortar is first exposed to vibration and then to high pressure. Therefore, the air gap between the aggregates in it is reduced to a minimum. High pressure application process is carried out by means of hydraulic pistons.



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