Parquet Stone Production

Parquet Stone Production

mussan group


We, Mussan Group, started to produce brick making machines in 2007 in Trabzon. According to our brick making machine production we produce keystones, kerbs, downspouts making machines etc. Hydraulic and pneumatic products, are tecnologic products in the machine making sector therefore they are developing collinear. The first informations according to this sector are supposed to the Tersane Road where the first factory materials and other products were found.

Owing to our success in this machinery sector we added tou our knowledge more and more and we can see this clearly from our Works. In fact we produce brick making machines we are producing concrete plants too. For our forward looking expectations we are producing since 2015 brick layer machines besides brick making machines. Our other products are pallete, mould, forklift, stain, mining products, logistical products and packing products.

With the Mussan Group brand we cary on successfully in brick making machines and other equipments production sector.

The machine production industry is the main sector in the investment goods industry and it has a special place. Machine equipment and replacement parts production sector covers other sectors wich is named engineering industry. It is identified in all countries as the first string sector.

Our advantages in the Machinery sector;

  • High organising level in the sector.
  • Developed engineering skills and fast orientating
  • Developed sub industry
  • Quality conscious
  • Experted, highly qualified uber directors

Our aims in the world class machinery sector;

  • The sectors aim is to produce a hi-tech machine.
  • Growing in the global area and cooperating partnerships.
  • According to the 500 billion US Dollar export target in 2023 exporting 100 billion US Dollar and to be one of the five biggest machine exporter of the World.
  • Growing the percentage in the sector from %8 to %20 like the arbiter countries.
  • In 2011 the machine export number was increased %21 than 2010
  • Turkish Machine export numbers has increased in the last 10 years in average %22 and Turkey got the fourth row of the World.

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