Parquet Stone Machines

Parquet Stone Machines

Where are They Used?

Parquet Stone Machines are together with Nature and are Natural Friendly. Parquet Stones are used indoor and outdoor with an aesthetic view. These parquet stones are generally used at schools, apartments, hospitals, parks and gardens.

What are the Specifications of the Priquet Stones?

Parquet Stones resist against pressure, breaking and freezing.

Parquet Stones are same strong with 15 cm concrete.

It has a longer life than asphalt and cement tile.

The tolaerability pressure kg is between 450-600 kg

The flexural strength is 60 kp in cm²

We are giving service in the Parquet Machines industry with brand Mussan Group. We have two offers to our clients automatic and manual. We PRS402 , PRS602 , PRS802 , PRS1002 VE PRS1202 types. All of our machines are CE compliant.

The production line is in thre parts; building the machine, painting it and delivery. And the Parquet Stone machines production is in four parts; welding production, production with stone, painting and automation. In all off the production line are working our qualified workers and after the production the machines get ready. After the delivery our workers are in your service for all your questions.


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