Mobile Concrete Plant Manufacturing

Mobile Concrete Plant Manufacturing

With its easy use, easy installation and easy transportation, our mobile power plant manufacturing is done in our own workshop in Araklı trabzon campus with the quality and assurance of our company Mussan Machinery. Our workshop has been designed so that our customers can see our work on site. By observing our production process on site at any moment, you will have the opportunity to get to know our 15MobKing 30MobKing, 60MobKing, 60BatchKing, 90MobKing and 135MobKing models.

Mobile Power Plant Manufacturing is one of the product groups brought to the construction industry by Mussan Machinery. With a feverish working strategy, it smiles at you with the placement of the lower and side chassis for a short time. Mounting instead of weighing belt and weighing bunker brings vitality to its visuality. With the placement of the pan mixer, it waits for its receiver like a hawk. With the completion of other parts, it is painted in the color desired by the owner. Finally, the shipping process begins. For this, the sea route is preferred.

Mobile Power Plant Manufacturing is done by our company with the quality of Mussan Machinery. It is preferred by concrete producers as it can be carried anywhere and installed easily. We are producing the models we mentioned above. The materials we use in manufacturing are manufactured to be resistant to international quality standards and abrasions during friction. For more information about the compact switchboard, you can contact us via our website


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