MG8.1 Block / Paving Stone Machine

MG8.1 Block / Paving Stone Machine

Semi-Automatic Block Machine (Semi-Automatic Paving stone Machine) is a facility formed by the combination of mixer, conveyor belt and machine as a minimum. Bunker and cement silo can be added to the facility as needed. Semi-automatic block machine (Semi-Automatic Paving stone Machine) is controlled by hydraulic arms/pistons. Pallet entry and product exit are made with custom-made wheelbarrows. The product is taken from the machine with a custom-made wheelbarrow and left to the drying area.

Machine Features
  • 1-3 people can operate the machine.
  • The product is left to dry with a wheelbarrow.
  • It produces 8000 pieces of 20 blocks in 8 hours.
  • Machine + Mixer + Conveyor belt + 1 Mould
  • It produces 8 pieces of 20 Blocks in one press.
  • It produces 12 pieces of 10 blocks in one press.
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