Manuel Brick Making Machine Zimbabwe


Manual Brick Making Machine Zimbabwe

Mussan Machine Turkey manufactures manual block machine, semi-automatic and fully automatic block machines and moving  block machines in its facilities in Trabzon. It delivers these produced block machines to many countries of the world, including Zimbabwe, to its customers by land and sea transport routes.

Manual block machines are machines that work mostly with human power. Therefore, it needs more people than automatic block machines and the production capacity depends on the working speed of the people operating the machine.

The manual block machines we produce as Mussan Machinery start from M.G 2.1, which produces 2 pieces of 20 blocks. This machine has two different options, fixed and moving . In addition to this , M.G 2.4, M.G 4.4 are our manual block machine types. We manufacture and ship these manual block machines to many African countries, especially Zimbabwe, with a shipping cost of approximately  500$ to 750$.


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