Manual Block Machine

Manual Block Machine

Manual Block Machine

Manual Block Machine The manual block machine, which is ideal for small businesses and municipalities, has the capacity to produce 800 to 1000 blocks by working 8 hours. Hand-pressed models will require manpower to produce blocks in sizes 20 x 40 x 20 that will provide high performance to produce key paving stones, paving stones and blocks.

How Does Manual Block Machine Work?

It starts production through vibration and pressure, together with a mortar made of gravel, pumice, sand and cement. Manual block machine is a complete professional in changing moulds and producing with different sizes. The manual machine, which provides vibration by itself, needs manpower in pressure and mould changing functions.

  • Removes mould in 45 seconds.
  • It produces 800 to 1000 blocks in an average of 8 hours.
  • It has a high performance vibrator feature.
  • It will release mould by vibration and pressure.
  • Ideal for durable block production.
  • Suitable for small towns, municipalities and businesses.
  • It can produce many types of blocks in different sizes by changing the mould.

Second Hand Block Machine Models

Second-hand block machine models can have the potential to provide a large-scale use of blocks in the production area. Manual block machines are generally affordable and high-performance machines that adapt to the working discipline. It has durable and functional features that can be put into production in a short time without loss of time. It will require manpower, changing moulds, adding mortar and moving the blocks after production. It produces longer periods of time compared to semi-automatic block machines; but it has durable and affordable features. It is recommended for small and medium businesses as it has a work discipline based on manpower.

Prices Of Manual Block Machine?

Manual models, which are more suitable than fully automatic and semi-automatic block machines, cannot produce for a long time. It will produce 800 to maximum 1000 blocks with certain sizes in 8 hours per day. You can find new and second-hand models at affordable prices compared to other machines based on production performance and potential. For more speed and performance, you can examine our semi-automatic or automatic models.


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