Laying Block Machine

Laying Block Machine

Laying Block Machine (Walking Block Machine) are machines that take out the product on a flat surface without the need for a pallet. While it can only produce with manual briquette machine in small walking machines. There is a need for a mixer, a mortar conveying bunker or a Mortar Lifting Unit and a machine in the hydraulic moving briquette machine.

The walking briquette machine is a machine that can produce all kinds of geometric shaped stones when you put the mortar on the concrete floor. It has a high production capacity with a small number of personnel. All kinds of spare parts can be found easily, the electricity consumption is at minimum level, and it can be easily moved and installed anywhere.

In the laying block machine, many products such as block stone, pumice stone, hollow block are produced.

Machine Features
  • It is a machine designed for small businesses and regions with low population.
  • 1-3 people can operate the machine.
  • There are 2 types as manual and hydraulic.
  • It moves by pressing on a flat surface.
Frequently Asked Questions
How Does a Manual Machine Work?

Since the manual block machine is a small machine, it can work with one person, mortar can be filled with a shovel and product can be taken.

How Does a Hydraulic Machine Work?

The walking block machine is a system that a person can sit on the seat on it and is operated with the help of hydraulic arms. The mortar bucket of the machine is above. There is a need for a mortar transport bunker or a mortar lifting unit for filling. It can be made in two different systems according to preference.

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