How to Build a Batch Plant?

How to Build a Batch Plant?

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How to Build a Batch Plant?

Before we learn how to build a batch plant we have to know our needs for a batch plant.


The aggregate bunker is produced to supply the needs of our clients. The types are with 3, 4, 5 and 6 partitions. Our bunkers can produce from 30 m³ to 120 m³ capacity in an hour. The independent parts of aggregate bunkers provides an easy configuraiton. It’s easy to demount and this provides to change the place easily. The materials and the carriages are build after the calculation of static and strength. It’s optional to the bunker closure system or warming system with the pipes. The aggregate bowl weigh wit 4 loadcells and calibration system can be adapted.


Mussan Group gives a service with it’s qualified team and own produced TWIN SHAFT mixers. Our mixers are solid and this brings the maintenance costs in a lower level. The well designed 8 mixer palletes mixes the concrete well. The palletes has a long life.


There are three types of silos and they are telescopic, welded and bolted. They are produced to their capacity from 50 tonns to 5000 tonns. They are built mobile or stable up to the clients needs. The materials and the carriages are build after the calculation of static and strength. The stairs are designed suited fort he CE standarts.


Mussan Group Works with a qualified team by the automation system.The system manages all the staps from start till the end. The steps can be followed from the display. The electrical panel installation are configurated by an engineering team.


There are two belt conveyors on batch plants. The conveyors are build suitable to the plan. The engine power big enough fort he needs.


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