How is Brick Produced?

How to produce Bricks, how to make Bricks, what equipment and materials are needed to make Bricks, we will share with you in this article,

Brick is a building material used in the construction of buildings or concrete walls. It is rectangular in appearance. The Brick looks like a rectangular prism from the outside. However, there are cavities in its content. It has 3 cavities or different cavities. The construction material, which has a very important system in building or wall construction, is preferably also called concrete block. Preferably, it is Brick with its use in the industry. How are Bricks, expressed as concrete blocks, produced?

How Does Concrete Production Occur?

There are certain processes in the production of concrete. So, how are Bricks produced? At first;

  • It starts with the preparation of the Brick mortar.
  • Then the production process starts with the Brick machine.
  • Bricks are produced with drying and finally packaging.

Each stage has separate labor. During the preparation of the Brick mortar and the packaging at the final stage, the required quantities should be used proportionally.

How to Produce Bricks; Stages

  • Concrete is completely prepared before Brick production.
  • After the concrete is mixed, it is transferred to the area called the conveyor belt. Here, the Bricks are transported to the buckets by the banker. This transport process takes place with mixers.
  • The Bricks in the buckets are transferred to the outer mold, that is, to the transport process in the molding. The important detail of the Brick is that it takes the shape of the mold. Here, after the mortar is transferred to the mold, it is expected to take the shape of the Brick within a certain time.
  • After the Brick takes the shape of the mold, different quantities are produced. It is generally rectangular in shape. Here the cavities make the difference. The compression process is provided with vibrations.
  • A compression process takes place according to its weight. Bricks are glued on a flat pallet.
  • After the complete printing process on the pallets, the Bricks are transferred from here to the area called chain conveyor. Drying processes and packaging stages are an important detail before use.

How to Produce Bricks; Drying Stage

After the Brick takes its shape, it is stacked on top of each other, or in other words, it is taken from the machines to carry out the transport process. Stacking here is provided by robots. Stacking of up to 8 lists is possible. The Bricks in the stacking area are steam cured to pass the drying stage. Steam curing is an important detail for the Brick to provide a quality drying process. This is provided in certain businesses. And there is absolutely nothing harmful. For this reason, it is possible to give steam curing during the Brick drying process in order to get efficiency from the product in a short time. Then it takes place to the packaging stage. This can preferably be done with robots, preferably manually.

What is Brick Packaging, How Is It Made?

The packaging process is the collection of Bricks. In other words, the package is sorted on top of each other by collecting the package. Normal packages are provided manually to make them ready for shipment. However, quite large enterprises provide this process with robots. Robots create packages directly according to the shape, model or weight of the Bricks. It is then stacked to be delivered to a ready-to-ship location. The remanufacturing cycle takes place with the preparation of the concrete mortar.


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