Turkey and Ghana’s bilateral relations are growing fast as the West African nation has become Turkey’s third-largest economic partner in Sub Saharan Africa, ambassador Nesrin Bayazit told Anadolu Agency.

“Ghana’s political stability and qualified work force are the factors that encourage us to invest here,” Bayazit said.

She said the West African nation attracted a lot of Turkish businessmen and commercial relations between both countries were at a good level.

“The trade volume between the two countries reached $480 million in 2016. The two countries set a new target in 2016 when our president visited Ghana. We want to increase our trade volume to $1 billion by 2020. When we look at the potential of the two countries we see that this goal is realistic,” Bayazit said.




Bayazit stated that relations between the two countries have developed rapidly in seven years: “There are various investment areas in Ghana.”

“There have been three heads of state visits between the two countries during these years, which shows how fast the relations are progressing and how much importance both countries give to the relations,” the ambassador added.

She noted that Turkey has made important steps to improve its commercial and economic relations with Ghana and the two countries have signed 25 agreements in the various domains in the past seven years.

Bayazit said Turkey has a very positive image in Ghana. “In general, Turkey is perceived as a European state and as a developed country. We need to reinforce this perception.”

The ambassador added that this year Turkey will organize a cultural week for the first time in Ghana.

It will showcase “Turkish food, calligraphy art, paper marbling, carpet weaving to promote Turkish culture in Ghana,” Bayazit said.

She pointed out that Turkey has many social projects in Ghana via TIKA and other NGOs. “Turkey also gives scholarships to Ghanaian students,” she said.

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