Fully Automatic Block Machine

Fully Automatic Block Machine

Fully Automatic Block Machine

Fully Automatic Block Machine Machines that work completely with computer automation and all working movements are controlled from the computer are called fully automatic block machines. The block machine, which provides rapid continuation of block production with its high-performance automatic control panels, is preferred by large enterprises.

Fully Automatic Block Machine Does Not Require Manpower

The block machine chosen by large companies that do not need manpower is designed with a fully automatic system. Fully automatic block machines with vibration and pressure functions and mold removal feature in a short time; It can produce cement, pumice, sand and gravel briquettes.

Ability to Produce 15 Thousand Blocks in 8 Hours

The features of the automatic block machine are fast production with high performance, not requiring human power under computer control, electrical infrastructure, maximum daily block production capacity, minimum 5 cm and maximum 35 cm height production and 15 thousand blocks in 8 hours. The machine, which also has a warning feature when the mortar is finished, also has the option to produce with 8 to 10 different molds at the same time. In order to use this feature, it is necessary to stay alone and change it, other than that, it gets its power from electricity. Therefore, there is no need to employ extra personnel.

Designed to be durable and long-lasting

The machine, which enables fast production with its high performance feature, offers ease of production and transportation and a modern technology. Fully automatic block machines, which are designed and developed to be durable and long-lasting, provide a fast production without loss of speed for many years. The automatic block machine, which is much faster than the semi-automatic manual machines, is also quite economical.

The Most Preferred Block Machine in Turkey

Under the management of our expert engineers, the briquette machine, which is sold both as new production and second hand; It has been designed by our professional workers with a design that does not wear out and always does not lose its features like the first day. The block machine, which can produce 15 thousand parquet in 8 hours, is an ideal machine with maximum efficiency as well as high performance. The fully automatic block machine, which is used completely under computer control, warns the operator about many issues such as the warning when the mortar is finished, and it eliminates the need for too many personnel; It is the most preferred and exported block machine type in Turkey.


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