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You can find the answers to the questions that are on your mind on this page.

Can I make order before coming to Turkey?

You can order the model and facility you want without coming to our factory with peace of mind.

How Can I Order?

You can start the order process by paying 40% of the price of the machine you choose. We mutually sign our contracts defending both sides in order to have mutual trust. If requested, these contracts can also be approved by the notary.

Do Your Prices Include Shipping?

Our prices are delivered from our factory, ie: Ex Works (EXW).

Do your prices include VAT?

VAT is not included in our prices. If you are going to export, we can issue your invoices with export registration.

When Will My Machine Be Delivered?

Our machine delivery time varies between 30 and 60 working days depending on the factory condition. Before the order is initiated, we tell you the anticipated delivery date.

How Many Years Is The Warranty Period?

Our warranty period is 2 (two) years. We also provide unlimited technical support for the machines we produce.

To whom does the machine installation cost belong?

Machine installation costs belong to us, you only cover the travel, accommodation and food expenses of the incoming team.

Do You Provide Machine Use Training?

The team coming to the machine installation provides the necessary information about how to use it. For our products that do not require installation, a video of the work is taken in our factory and the necessary information is provided to the buyer.

Do you give dealership?

For our entrepreneurs who are considering becoming our dealer, we offer our machines at a bulk purchase price at manufacturing prices. After this purchase, you can make sales abroad under our company.