brick production

Advantages of using vibration in brick production

Here Mussan Group will briefly explain and compare brick-making process for clay or concrete brick manufacturing, in order to clear all concerns. Bricks are manufactured generally on a brickyards. One of the two methods is used for brick manufacturing: concrete and clay brick manufacturing. We got used to here that clay bricks need oven to "bake" the clayconcrete brick manufacturing, clay brick, soil brick, clay brick manufacturing bricks, but similar new method - soil brick production, by help of vibration while molding, chemicals make glue like effect. It makes soil brick gain strength and become almost waterproof. During press (compression) on a concrete inside molds, particles move into a close dense to form more strong structure. Since almost dry concrete is  used in concrete brick manufacturing, there is no waste like water. Some additional chemicals for concrete brick manufacturing, clay brick manufacturing, act like a soap by letting the bricks s