laying brick making machine-min

Automatic Brick Making Machine

Laying Brick Making Machine is produced with high precision and quality since 1973, by experienced mechanical engineers and stuff, lately united under Mussan Group LTD, Brick Machine Manufacturer Company in Turkey. The Concrete block making machine - MG 6.2 is designed for quick production of up to 5000 pieces hollow bricks per day. The pluses of the laying concrete block machine are: ability to relocate the factory quickly, does not require almost 1000 pallets which will cost up to $15000, which might be needed for static, semi-automated machines. The name for the laying concrete block machine comes from its ability to lay bricks, squeeze applying vibration inside molds.

MG 6.2 Laying Brick Machine is able to produce almost all types of solid bricks: paving stone, grass stone, curbstone, decorative block, hollow block, insulation blocks and many