Sand for concrete brick manufacturing

How to choose sand for brick manufacturing

Today we discuss about how to choose sand out of different types for brick, concrete block, cobblestone or pavers manufacturing machine. Why sea or river sand needs to be washed before being used. SAND: Sand - is one of the main ingredients for concrete mixture in Brick Manufacturing. But it also has its cons and pros. Lets make some of them clear. 1) BUILDING SAND - The best type of sand for manufacturing concrete bricks. It's used in all types of construction and is prefered becouse of cohesive properties of it. Building sand responds well to cement in order to form high-end concrete bricks. But you have to remember mixing with crushed stone to create a less smooth surface on the bricks/blocks, which will make plastering grip much better for a longer lasting wall surface. Adding the stone partickes will also increase the brick strength. 2) RIVER SAND - River sand usually contains much river debris such as crushed shell fragments and larger silicon particulates. Which might be washed to get a good mixture of concrete to use in brick machine. Not washing river sand can be a concern when using