How to Build a Batch Plant?

The aggregate bunker is produced to supply the needs of our clients. The types are with 3, 4, 5 and 6 partitions. Our bunkers can produce from 30 m³ to 120 m³ capacity in an hour. The independent parts of aggregate bunkers provides an easy configuraiton. It’s easy to demount and this provides to change the place easily. The materials and the carriages are build after the calculation of static and strength. It’s optional to the bunker closure system or warming system with the pipes. The aggregate bowl weigh wit 4 loadcells and calibration system can be adapted.

Mussan Group gives a service with it’s qualified team and own produced TWIN SHAFT mixers. Our mixers are solid and this brings the maintenance costs in a lower level. The well designed 8 mixer palletes mixes the concrete well. The palletes has a long life.

There are three types of silos and they are telescopic, welded and bolted. They are produced to their capacity from 50 tonns to 5000 tonns. They are built mobile or stable up to the clients needs. The materials and the carriages are build after the calculation of static and strength. The stairs are designed suited fort he CE standarts.


Second Hand Priquet Machines for Sale

Second hand priquet machines is another commercial activity. As Mussan Group we started to work in 2009 independently from Mussan Group. As a result of our Works the intensity of the request on the second hand priquet machines sector prompt us to find a new company to make our Works more efficient. We are providing to our clients second hand priquet machines. And we give a warranty too as second hand priquet machine warranty. The machine wich are produced under the name of Mussan Group gives two years of warranty and to the second hand machines we give two years warranty too. This makes us trustworthy in the industry. In this context we seperated our company Mussan Group wich is about new and second hand priquet machines into two new companies with a new qualified team in 2009. Under the name of Mussan Group our second hand priquet machine company gives service and is trustworthy with it’s prices and quality. Within the scope of Mussan Group we offer Manual, Full Automatic and hydrolic machines wich are seperated into 6, 18 and 36 models. For more informations about second hand priquet machines click

Batch Plant for Sale

16195448_10211747906350450_5146617719140624808_n Batch Plant For Sale Concrete is a homogeneous concrete aggregate and water mix without any chemical additive. This concrete is like a plastic at first and it’s shapeable after that it is going to harden. The delivered Batch plant is an important building material.
  • Transportation Advantage: One truck is enoughf to tranport all the parts of the batch plant.
  • Cause of the design of the batch plant you don’t need much place for build batch plant.
  • The batch plant doesn’t need much time for building so it is efficient.
  • The batch plants base is easy to build.
  • The batch plant can be used full automatic fort he best quality concrete.
  • The equipments of the batch plants are safe.
  • The manitenance is easy and the costs are low.
The aggregate materials are gravel and sand. The gravel and sanda are seperate stored. To use the batch plant you have to observance of the enviromental laws. The concrete producers has to protect the enviroment. You have to take precuation for the noise, waste water and for the other waste materials of the batch plant. These are the main things we have to take precuation.  

Parquet Stone Machine

We observed that the new customers in this sector makes his research on web and buys machines from the insufficient producers wich is inexperienced and has no quality standarts. After that the customer has a disappointment. Our target is to be a leader in customer satisfaction and to provide the best price in this industry. We give for our machines 2 years of warranty without sacrifising the quality. We give a qualified service to the construction sector with custommer satisfaction and good prices. Our priquet machines prices are too low than the others in the sector. To take the advantages from these prices you can contact us via our website. Our products are on sale under the name of Quality Priquet Machine for Sale and we are working to provide a qualified service to our customers. We tried to be clear when someone has a search on web for priquet machines and prices in order to avoid any misunderstanding. With our campaigns we organize 4 times a year, automatic brick machines are more attractive. Than the second hand machines. As a result of our Works the intensity of the request on the second hand priquet machines sector prompt us to find a new company to make our Works more efficient. WhatsApp Image 2017-06-05 at 18.14.15
Automated-Brick-Tile-Making Machine

Brick Making Machine for Sale

Brick Making Machine for Sale we are working for a qualified service for our clients in the Brick Making Machine for Sale Industry. We, Mussan Group, tries to be perspicuously when someone has a search on web to Priquet machines, priquet machines price or priquet machines production. We make all of our spesifications clear in order to avoid any misunderstanding. Our company wants to satisfy our clients and wants to be a leader in the industry. Mussan Group offers low prices thanthe others in the sector and gives 2 years of warranty. Our principles in the Brick Making Machine for Sale sector are to produce high quality machines and satisfy our clients. Our prices are lower than the other. To have information about our machines and prices contact us. Click here for information. You can contact us for more detailed information about the Brick Making Machine for Sale. As Mussan Group, which sells its products to the whole world, you can check our references in the field of Brick Making Machine for Sale from our
mussan group

Parquet Stone Production

mussan group   We, Mussan Group, started to produce brick making machines in 2007 in Trabzon. According to our brick making machine production we produce keystones, kerbs, downspouts making machines etc. Hydraulic and pneumatic products, are tecnologic products in the machine making sector therefore they are developing collinear. The first informations according to this sector are supposed to the Tersane Road where the first factory materials and other products were found. Owing to our success in this machinery sector we added tou our knowledge more and more and we can see this clearly from our Works. In fact we produce brick making machines we are producing concrete plants too. For our forward looking expectations we are producing since 2015 brick layer machines besides brick making machines. Our other products are pallete, mould, forklift, stain, mining products, logistical products and packing products. With the Mussan Group brand we cary on successfully in brick making machines and other equipments production sector. The machine production industry is the main sector in the investment goods industry and it has a special place. Machine equipment and replacement parts production sector covers other sectors wich is named engineering industry. It is identified in all countries as the first strin

Block machine for sale | Mussan Group

Our company Mussan Group is manufacturer of block machine for sale are designed to produce  concrete blocks, curbstone, chimney blocks, insulated blocks and concrete interlocking paving blocks. Our block machine for sale is the best block machines investment, for the small block manufacturer in African Countries with limited financial resources, who need to produce concrete blocks and paving blocks. Mussan Group manufactures various types of block machine for sale is include, manual vibrating block machine for sale, hydraulic egg laying  block machine for sale, hydraulic  block machine for sale, laying block machine for sale, high output block machine for sale to produce high quality blocks  for construction work in African Continent. Producing process block machine for sale arranged with outside surface at the bottom. Pressed  pieces are put in to make the blocks partly hollow. Cement mortar is thrown from top of the block machine for sale to make smooth surface. When the mold of block machine for sale is half filled, a metal block known as the core is placed in to  position. The mold of block machine for sale is filled to the top with material and pressed. Producing of concrete blocks by block machine for sale consists of four basic processes: mixing, molding, curing, and cubing. Block machine for sale  manufacturing plants produce concrete blocks, while others may produce  blocks and paver stones, Block machine for sale ar