convey band for brick machine

Convey band for brick machine

Convey band for brick machine is a very useful upgrade for your small business. Manufacturing concrete blocks takes a lot of time if you mix with hand. Though process might speed up if some extra modules are used. Some of them are: panmixer, convey band, pallet dispenser.
Styrofoam brick

Styrofoam Brick Making Machine

Styrofoam Brick Making Machine are produced with special purposes. Manufacturing machine spreads concrete onto molds. Right after spreading it, vibration and press applied, which makes the concrete brick stronger and homogeneous. By time, production had got on a new level, when isolation materials were added into bricks while manufacturing process. Isolation of sound, heat, water and etc. The m

Custom Manual Panmixer

If you manufacture concrete bricks on your small factory Then you know how important is to mix needed aggregates properly, to ...