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Fly Ash Bricks Machine Prices

Fly ash bricks machine price is a good product to start a new business. Our factory in Tukey produces Turkish Fly ash bricks machine price under its name Mussan Group with two-year warranty. Our models of Fly ash bricks machine price are named according to the abbriviation – MG, of Mussan Group. Fly ash bricks machine prices start from $3,000. Fly ash brick machine manufacturer - Mussan Group makes automated factories for concrete block production. All of Automated and semi-automated brick machines, including laying block machine, has 2-year warranty. These high quality brick machines have tons of hydraulic appliable preassure on concrete block molds. Our works which are based on the principle of satisfaction and confidence of the customer in Fly ash bricks machine price ( Fly ash brick machine prices ) sector have shown the high v
briket machine- cement bricks making machine

Cement block making machine

Cement block making machine is designed for high quality brick manufacturing, with smooth and uniform surface. Those brick are durable against high preasure and phusical torture. This homogeneousity is depended on some modules like panmixer - which mixes ingredients. The strength is depended on sand and cement ratios. Cement block making machine produces briquettes and hollow bricks. By using a fully-equipped Cement block making machine, only by changing the printing pattern you can produce Paving Stone, Brick, pumice, hollow bricks, colored and colorless models of these products. Our Cement Block Making Machine like brick machine MG 10.2 and up are very hhigh speed and can produce concrete borders, pavers and also concrete blocks of different size and shape. In many countries like Georgia, Azerbeijan, Turkmenistan and even far away from Turkey - Madagascar, we sold our bricks machines with high quality and precision, which work without any trouble. Our customers return to upgrade their already working well machines by adding some extra modules: larger mixers, silos, automatisation or even bunkers with weighing mechanism with programmable unit and LCD display. You can co
The Laying Block Machine (2)-min

Convey band for concrete block machine

Concrete block machine for Convey band  is a very useful upgrade for your small business. Manufacturing Concrete block machine takes a lot of time if you mix with hand. Though process might speed up if some extra modules are used. Some of them are: panmixer, convey band, pallet dispenser. Concrete block machine usage of panmixer speeds up concrete block or cobblestone production and quality of the mixture, which increases brick's durability. Concrete block machine in pallet dispanser lets use one less worker, who regularly should input pallets to print bricks on. Concrete block machine usage of Convey Band lets you speed input of concrete mixture up, by pressing one button. Convey band has special relief developed to be flexible and able to keep mixture in the center of it without dripping out. Convey band not only speeds production up, but also lets you use 2-3 worker less. You can contact us for more detailed information about the Concrete block mach

Engineers of Karadeniz Technical University

In the East of Black Sea in one of Turkish cities- Trabzon was found a new university in 1950'th was found Technical University. Its first Faculty was Civil Engineering. 60 years later, nowdays, there are more than 50000 of students and more than 10 new faculties in  it. Graduates of Mechanical Engineering faculty of the university formed a startup which included Concrete Brick Manufacturing Machine, which got lot of attantion as it was reupgraded version pf previous ones. Those friends made it up with forming a company named MUSSAN Group. Right after it, lots of requests from abroad let them them start export in countries like Georgia, Madagascar, Ukraine, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and others. The company is popular for its inovative solutions in machinery today. We hope it will continue its pass to success the same way.