briket machine- cement bricks making machine

Cement block making machine

Cement block making machine is designed for high quality brick manufacturing, with smooth and uniform surface. Those brick are durable against high preasure and phusical torture. This homogeneousity is depended on some modules like panmixer - which mixes ingredients. The strength is depended on sand and cement ratios. Cement block making machine produces briquettes and hollow bricks. By using a fully-equipped Cement block making machine, only by changing the printing pattern you can produce Paving Stone, Brick, pumice, hollow bricks, colored and colorless models of these products. Our Cement Block Making Machine like brick machine MG 10.2 and up are very hhigh speed and can produce concrete borders, pavers and also concrete blocks of different size and shape. In many countries like Georgia, Azerbeijan, Turkmenistan and even far away from Turkey - Madagascar, we sold our bricks machines with high quality and precision, which work without any trouble. Our customers return to upgrade their already working well machines by adding some extra modules: larger mixers, silos, automatisation or even bunkers with weighing mechanism with programmable unit and LCD display. You can co

Custom Manual Panmixer

If you manufacture concrete bricks on your small factory Then you know how important is to mix needed aggregates properly, to get homogeneous mixture of concrete. When you manually mix the concrete it might cost you time. Time loss will mean your manufacture speed down. This speed might cost you money at the end. To get the profit faster why not to try speed mixing up? As you know the standard round concrete mixers are only used when all aggregates are previously mixed. Then Panmixers might be the best choice, but how to make them cheaper? We designed special new model of panmixer but without powerful and expensive automated motors. If you have a small DIY brick machine then it will be enough for your brick manufacturing to have a manual panmixer. 100-120 Liter panmixer will cost you