Turkish Brick making machine

Brick Making Machine Technical Details

Brick Making Machine is one of the most practical solution for quick block manufacturing. As we have mentioned before - there are lots of parameters you need to consider before you start brick manufacturing. Your brickyard should be suitable for the production type of the brick making machine you own. Few Brick Machine Manufacturers in Turkey, Germany, China and India, race with each other. This Manufacturer companies like Mussan Group, have different standards, product warranty, mechanisms quality and exploitation periods for their Brick Making Machines. As we now, everything cheap is in China already. There is no need to race with prices, unless you give more than just a price. Mussan Group produces Brick Making Machines, working generally on wet concrete, which as we expect and have seen, lasts longer than the cheapest product, aimed to reduce initial investment. Brick Factories, which are aimed to work for more than 10 years, with no upgrade of parts, or less repair are known to be produces in German factories. Some of the Brickyards which are bought to make a small deal of breaks and does not need big investment, is optimal to be bought in China.
Hollow Block Making Machine - Turkish brick making machine

Hollow Block Making Machine

Hollow Block Making Machine is one of our main area of manufacturing. Mussan Group is directly envolved in this business  since 1973. Hollow brick manufacturing is an easy process if you have fast equipment and know how to work with hollow block making machine. This business area will let you build your own house for almost free of charge in one year. Hollow block making machine are recommended for companies who construct buildings, in order to decrease costs on hollow block making machine. With high quality modules, equipment to make homogeneous concrete mixture, you are able to produce strong, durable hollow block making machine in a high speed. Hollow block making machines are able to produce up to 10 thousand prices a day. It depends on automated equipment you order. Some of them are panmixers - to speed up homogeneous mixture production, convey band - to put the concrete into machine, even pallet dispensers with pallet collector robots to level up your factory volume. In order to see price for Hollow Block Making Machine, visit the link above.
Hollow Block Making Machine - Turkish brick making machine

Cement Bricks Machine

Cement Bricks Machine is a brick making machine, which compresses mixture of with sand with cement making a concrete for forming cement bricks. This process occures while the concrete is filled in the molds of Cement Bricks Machine, added vibration and preasure to make them strong and homogeneous. This Manufacturer companies like Mussan Group, have different standards, product warranty, mechanisms quality and exploitation periods for their Cement Bricks Machine. Cement brick machine price may vary from a couple thousands to hundred thousand of USD depending on production speed and accuracy of the machine. Cement brick machine may produce 600 pieces of bricks a day, but some automated factories can finish up to 10000 bricks per day. Cement Bricks Machine we produce are fully customizable, upgradable, with standartised sizes and modules. Cement Bricks Machine by ca
brick manufacturer machinery in Turkey

Order gets near to complete from MyMarket website

Our Brick Machinery Factory, which constructs brick molding and press machines, had almost finished the order for GEORGIAN customer. The mobile walking brick manufacturer machine, had only painting work left. Main hard work is almost done. Including electrical drive and metal frame assembly. Because of our high quality technicians and engineers we are going well on time, not decreasing the quality of final product. The Brick manufacturer machine differs from other automatic or manual machines with its ability to relocate. This is not an additional function, but also an obligation for brick manufacturing of this kind. Why would it need to move? - In order to leave the bricks on the floor. That surface has to be smooth enough for machine to mold the right form and strength of the break. This brick manufacturer machine can prepare 6 big sized bricks at once. This product is good for these shapes. [caption id="attachment_1771" align="alignnone" width="868"]Brick Manufacture Machinery shap
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