Fly Ash Brick Making Machine 

Brick Making Machines Turkey, Mussan Group observed that while the customers who are preparing to enter the manufacturing sector do their research through social media or similar resources, they buy Brick Making Machines from companies with low-quality standards, and they have a lot of problems due to the lack of experience or lack of information and after a few times of using they face those problems. For this reason, in the field of Brick Making Machines in Turkey Mussan Group tries to serve you with the detailed written information and articles. Fly ash brick making machines in Turkey is Mussan Group company, which has a huge experience in manufacturing Fly Ash Brick Making Machine. Since 1973 the manufacturer started with producing bricks and borders with bricks in Turkey. After time passed we started developing Fly ash brick making machine. in 1990th the company had its first brick making machine, using concrete and sand as aggregate components for manufacturing bricks. Today machines has hydraulic press and vibration force, using Siemens and Schneider vibration motors with Programmable Logic Unit for automated controls. For producing Fly Ash Brick Making Machine as fast as possible, Mussan Group has its additional modules for strong,