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Block making machine is increased massively with the onset of the Industrial revolution and the rise in factory building in England. For reasons of speed and economy, block making machine is increasingly preferred as building material to block making machine stone, even in areas where the stone was available chosen for construction to make the buildings more visible in the heavy fog and to prevent traffic. Transition from the traditional method of production block making machine known as hand moulding to a mechanised form of mass production block making machine slowly took place during the first half of the nineteenth century. Possibly the first successful block making machines  was patented. Block making machines  where capable of producing up to 18,000 bricks daily. Mechanical apparatus soon achieved widespread attention after it was adopted for use by  for brick making at their factory near Folkestone the  Block making Machines was patented. dominant manufacturer of block making machines. Bradley and Clayton  Craven Ltd. however was the block making machine patented by  Ver Valen in New York in 1852.  Demand for high office building construction at the turn of the 21th century, led to a much greater use of block making machine cast and wrought iron and later steel and concrete.  Use of block making machine for thick walls to maintain the structural integrity. Mussan Group is one of the leader of manufacturing block making ma