Engineers of Karadeniz Technical University

Engineers of Karadeniz Technical University

In the East of Black Sea in one of Turkish cities- Trabzon was found a new university in 1950’th was found Technical University. Its first Faculty was Civil Engineering. 60 years later, nowdays, there are more than 50000 of students and more than 10 new faculties in  it.

Graduates of Mechanical Engineering faculty of the university formed a startup which included Concrete Brick Manufacturing Machine, which got lot of attantion as it was reupgraded version pf previous ones. Those friends made it up with forming a company named MUSSAN Group. Right after it, lots of requests from abroad let them them start export in countries like Georgia, Madagascar, Ukraine, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and others.

The company is popular for its inovative solutions in machinery today. We hope it will continue its pass to success the same way.


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