In trucks and large vehicles carrying loads, the mechanism that helps to lift the body part and keeps the weight of the truck in balance is called a damper. The crates behind the transport vehicles are called trailers. It is also known as a trailer. Tipper and trailer are perceived as a whole in the transportation sector. When it comes to dumpers, the first thing that comes to mind is trucks carrying heavy loads.

If we briefly touch on the types of Dump Trailer;

  • Tub Type Tipper Trailer; (Generally, it is produced from 24 m³, base 4 mm, sides 4 mm HB 450 quality Hardox or equivalent wear sheet for excavation transport purposes. Hydraulic rear cover is optional.)
  • Box Tipper Trailer;(This type of tipper trailer is for general purpose use abroad. It is in the form of BOX with side support in terms of shape.)
  • Scrap Tipper Trailer; (It is a Scrap Tipper trailer, which consists of accordion-shaped side covers for lightening, produced from HB 450 wear steel for the purpose of carrying scrap.)
  • Side Tipper Trailer; (It is used for unloading to the side area for various loads.)
  • Tub Type INSULATED Dump Trailer; (In order to prevent the hot asphalt mixture from cooling in cold countries, the casing is closed with a second layer of 100 mm thick insulated stone wool on the outside. General capacity suitable for carrying excavations is 24 m³ Long type case, base 4 mm, sides 4 mm HB 450 quality Hardox or equivalent wear sheet. Rear cover is preferred as hydraulic. It is used with automatic tent.)

Our company can produce tippers and trailers in any way according to the sheet metal openings drawn in the computer environment. All kinds of radius blades can be used while bending and bending sheet metal. Cover U’s, Skirt Sheets, Upper Handrail, Lower Chassis of tippers and trailers made of ST37 Sheet can be made with the help of our 6-meter guillotine shear and our 3000 x 12000 sized Plasma Cutting machine.

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