Custom Manual Panmixer

Custom Manual Panmixer

If you manufacture concrete bricks on your small factory Then you know how important is to mix needed aggregates properly, to get homogeneous mixture of concrete. When you manually mix the concrete it might cost you time. Time loss will mean your manufacture speed down. This speed might cost you money at the end. To get the profit faster why not to try speed mixing up?

As you know the standard round concrete mixers are only used when all aggregates are previously mixed. Then Panmixers might be the best choice, but how to make them cheaper? We designed special new model of panmixer but without powerful and expensive automated motors. If you have a small DIY brick machine then it will be enough for your brick manufacturing to have a manual panmixer. 100-120 Liter panmixer will cost you less and will be enough for you tom make up to 10 big constructional bricks. and the mixture will be get ready in next 5 minutes.

Because of exploitation easiness, you will not be require a bunch of workers to mix it. The panmixers as previously posted, will let your concrete aggregates proportionally mixed.


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