Concrete Block Machine

Concrete Block Machine

Concrete Block Machine

Concrete block machine, by placing materials suitable for concrete; They are machines that make a mixture of concrete paste and then compress this mixture in molds to obtain concrete blocks. These machines can be preferred depending on the area where they will be used. There are 3 different types of concrete block machines.

Concrete Block Machine Types

Concrete block machine types usually have changes in the automaticity of production, capacity and operating system with some minor differences. There are manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic block machines in the block machine. These machines have their own characteristics.

Manual Concrete Block Machine

Manual concrete block machine features are standards created depending on the usage area and the size of the machine. Within the scope of these features; • Capacity: The capacity of these machines has the lowest capacity among block machines. On average, it can produce 1 or 2 concrete blocks in a single press. • Speed: The speed of these machines is slower than the others. One of the main reasons for this is that the machine has to be controlled manually. • Automatic: These machines have automatic sensors only in the printing section. In order to ensure production, it must be commanded by a specialist.

Semi Automatic Concrete Block Machine

The semi-automatic concrete block machine is suitable for medium-sized jobs. The features of the machines with both small and large structures according to preference can be summarized as follows; •             Control; In these machines, the process is usually done automatically. However, the control of the block production is carried out with the control levers on the machine. • Parts inside the machine; mortar mixer, conveyor belt and pallet transport vehicles. •             Production capacity; These machines can produce 4 to 10 concrete blocks in a single press.

Automatic Concrete Block Machine

The automatic concrete block machine is used in areas where mass production of concrete is carried out or where there is a high need for concrete blocks. The general features of these machines are as follows; •             Production capacity; There are machines that can produce up to 18 blocks in one print. However, in general, between 10 and 15 blocks are produced in a single printing. •             Control; The system of the machine can be controlled by computer. With this control, the machine power or the number of block production can be increased. No control is required to ensure basic production.

Concrete Block Machine Prices

Concrete block machine prices vary according to the type of block machine we will choose. Larger, comprehensive and automatic production machines are offered for sale at higher prices than the other. In addition, if you want to choose a more cost-effective product, you can choose small capacity and non-automatic (manual) products. In addition, the optional equipment of your concrete machine will also increase the price. You can easily choose a machine that fits your budget by contacting your company.


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