Briquetting machine production

Briquetting machine production

As a Mussan Group company in the production of briquet machines, we serve in the sector with Mussan Group brand. The briquetting machines we produce are sold in 2 options as manual and auto. We have briquette machine manufacturing options, including the Mussan Group. In the Mussan Group, briquette machines are manufactured in compliance with CE standards.

The production of briquette machines within the Mussan Group is carried out in 3 phases including production paint and shipment stages. Production cycle in the manufacture of briquetting machines; Welded manufacturing stones manufacturing and painting and automation system. Experienced technicians are present at every stage of the briquette machine manufacturing process within the Mussan Group. In addition, after the production by our experienced technical staff is delivered ready to use. After delivery, our technical service personnel are at the most educated level in the face of all kinds of questions and problems, so it is most important among our principles to solve your problems as soon as possible.


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