Block / Paving Stone Mold

Block / Paving Stone Mold

Paving stone molds are products produced from hard material that shape the mortar coming to the machine in order for the machines that produce parquet to produce paving stones in the desired shape and size, called paving stone machine mold. The term interlocking parquet mold is also used for paving stone mold. These molds are generally produced on CNC computerized machines with the latest technology, without human touch. These produced paving stone molds are suitable for use in all domestic and imported parquet machines. Paving stone molds are produced in the desired dimensions, within a maximum of seven to 10 days, and are made ready for delivery. The desired interlocking paving stone mold types are listed below. If you want to review all our paving stone mold models, click here.

Each paving stone machine can produce the above-mentioned stones in various numbers. MG 4.2, our smallest stationary machine, manufactures 12 key paving stones, 12 rotary paving stones, 20 rectangular paving stones at one time. Key paving stone mold is more expensive in price than briquette mold. Because the paving stone mold production stage is more difficult and takes more time. For this reason, while the quadruple machine briquette mold starts with prices around 1000 dollars, paving stone molds are made at a price of around 1500 dollars for the same machine. These prices also vary according to the shape of the mold to be made.

With the locked parquet mold, you can produce 12, 16, 26 and 36 pieces of paving stones from the machine at one time. This number can still be increased according to the size of the machine


Monoblock paving stone molds: are manufactured from special mold sheets. Pressure shoes are lapped to the mold eye from ck45 special material. Then it is made ready for use by induction hardening.

Steel construction molds: After the design is made, it is brought to the desired size with the steel construction system by using special sheets resistant to wear. Press blades for border molds are processed by removing chips from ck 45 special sheets, then they are hardened by induction and made ready for use.

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