The new age block machines produces coming building materials using high technology and they are being to many uses. With the age block machines products lose none of it’s strength,  absolutely fireproof and can stand enormous pressure. Another advantage of the block machines products are when they are used into the making walls, they may put down much quicker than the equal bulk of the brick.Block machines are produces also hollow blocks.  This add to comfort of the building in which hollow blocks made by block machines making the structure cooler in summer and warmer in the winter thanks to the block machines.

The New model press molding by block machines is on hand. There are number of different shape molds are used for the surface–beveled. The block machines new blocks now being made are to used on inner walls of the building and walls, different kind blocks made by the block machines performes the new age block which will prepared with white sand.

How cement blocks are made

 The process of the construction of the  blocks with new age block machines mold are arranged with the outside surface at the bottom. Depressed pieces are put into the cement block hollow. Then cement preparation is thrown from top to make smooth outward surface of the cement block.Following for the block machines is gravel, well mixed, with sand and cement, is then thrown in the mold of the block machines. When the  mold is half filled, then a metal block known as the core is placed in the block machines position. The mold of the block machines  are then filled to the top with the material and tamped. It hardens quickly under the pressure and may be taken from the block machines mold at once.


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