Block machine Prices

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Block machine prices vary according to the features and type of the machine. When choosing a machine, it is important for the right machine to be chosen according to the area to be used rather than its price.

Why is the Block Machine Used?

Block stone is one of the most used materials in the construction sector and buildings, and its use is made thanks to the Block machine.

The production of artificial stone blocks used for the construction of walls or embankments is provided. Production is made with the desired molds by using cement, water, additives and aggregate. Briquette machine prices vary according to the mold, production speed and features of the machine.

Block Making Machines

There are reasons why Block are used too much in the construction industry. Constructions that want to use briquettes must use a Block pressing machine. This is why Block machine manufacturers are increasing rapidly today because the supply is so high. The machines are produced according to the needs and are supplied from the manufacturers. The main reason why Block machines for sale are preferred very often is that it has a very long service life and its price brings profit in the long run.

Manual Block Machine

This machine, which is generally designed for use in small towns and small businesses, is called single or manual. Manual Block machine prices are determined according to the brand and the features it offers. Since the price of the manual Block machine is determined according to its features, the functions that should be known are:

  • When the machine’s capacity works 8 hours a day, it produces 900 pieces of 20 x 40 x 20 briquettes.
  • It provides 80 m2 keystone production when it works for an average of 8 hours.
  • Main machine dimensions are 1350mm x 1300mm x 11650mm.
  • Machine vibration frequency is maximum 3000 r and mold time is 45 seconds.
  • Manpower is used. It is necessary to employ at least one operator who fills the mold with mortar.
  • The size of the molds can be changed.

In order for the machine to make mass production, at least 4 manpower and 200 m2 area are needed.

Semi-Automatic Block Machine

The semi-automatic Block machine has a mixer, machine and conveyor trio. The control of the keystone machine is provided by hydraulic arms. Those who need it can also add a bunker or cement silo to the machine. Semi-automatic Block machine prices are determined accordingly. There are two types as single bucket and double bucket.

If desired, colorless briquettes can be produced by changing the mold in the single bucket machine, while colored keystone can be produced with the same method in the double bucket machine. It is frequently used in medium-sized businesses and developing regions.

Fully Automatic Block Machine

The fully automatic Block machine is one of the most advanced. It is used for the construction of large-scale companies and large areas with its capacity and features. Fully automatic Block machine prices are also determined according to their features. Since it works without the need for manpower, it produces stones very quickly. Production is fully automatic and has the highest price among the machines. The latest technology is used by making very high quality production.

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