Block Machine Prices

Block Machine Prices

Block machine prices, which are produced from sand, gravel, cement and pumice raw materials, vary according to fully automatic, semi-automatic and manual systems. With the developing technology, systems that require minimum manpower are preferred, while prices are given between zero and second-hand models, depending on the performance features of the model at the same time.

Block Machine Models

As fully automatic, semi-automatic and manual systems, Block machine prices vary depending on model and performance. Fully automatic Block machine models work 100% automatically, depending on automation over electrical systems. As models that can be controlled via computer systems, they have little manpower and a fast production. Semi-automatic machines are used with the need for operator support and transportation support, and in general, they should be preferred as ideal machines for medium-level businesses. Manual systems are among the Block production machines that require manpower, as models that will be ideal for small businesses.

Fully Automatic Block Machine Prices

Fully automatic Block machine prices differ in terms of model and production performance. These models, which have mold features between 5 cm and 35 cm in terms of daily performance, can produce 15,000 Blocks after 8 hours of work. The machines, which are also designed for the production of paving stones, can do the whole production process alone in a short time thanks to their vibration and pressure features.

As machines that can be used in an ideal performance and maximum production area, they are models that can be used by large enterprises in the field of mass production, require minimum manpower and work with operator support.

Semi-Automatic Machine Prices

Semi-automatic systems are models that generally require less manpower but can work with support in transportation and feeding. Semi-automatic Block machine prices may vary according to daily production performance and mold differences. These models, which also have price differences in the new and second-hand areas, are not suitable for large enterprises as models that work with electrical infrastructure but are not dependent on automation.

Manual Block Machine Models and Prices

Manual Block machine models are generally preferred for small businesses, towns and municipalities. These machines, which operate entirely with the need for manpower, have been designed in such a way that a maximum of 1000 Blocks can be produced per day. Although it is not suitable for the mass production area, it will be necessary to keep the number of personnel high in terms of usage.

Second Hand Block Machine Price

Second-hand Block machine price varies according to fully automatic and semi-automatic models. Although fully automatic models are not preferred in our country, they show higher performance compared to semi-automatic models and at the same time, they will offer a more profitable use as less personnel will be needed.


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