Block Machine|Mussan Group

Block Machine|Mussan Group

When your company is exporting to African Continent you most do your homework research very well. Our company Mussan Group Baysan Makina is manufacturing block machine in Trabzon- Turkey and exporting our block machine to different African countries like Nigeria, Gabon, Mauritania, Ethiopia, South Africa etc. Our block machine we manufacturing are in various types and automation like manual block machine, semi automatic block machine and fully automatic block machine. We are exporting block machine to different countries and assambling their block machine plants on the location. The block machines producing with high technology we use most of the components imported from European brands. We are also manufacturing manual, semi automatic and fully automatic concrete egg laying mobile block machines for the small companys  with suitable prices to start with.

Mussan Group Baysan Makina block machines operates based on hydraulic pressure and mechanical vibration. Block machines is designed to operate 24 hours. Block machine can manufacture any kind of geometrical form between 6 cm and 38 cm.The  block machines can also produce interlocking concrete paving blocks chimney blocks and curbstones. Our blocks machine can also produce curb pumice, bricks, styrofoam and insulated blocks by only changing the mould. Our company Beysanmak also delivers equipments like conveyor, silo, bunker, pallets, compressor, mixer, crushers, collecting robots manually or fully automatic systems.

Warranty for blocks machine,  are 2 years accept electrical parts and wear metal sheets. In case of failure we guarantee to intervene domesticly 48 hours, globally in 120 hours. Lot’s of people within and without the continent are understandably impressed by the strong levels of economic growth that have been recorded in so many African countries. As exporter of blocks machine to African Continent we also pleased for our support to the developing countries also in Asia and Middle East like Lebanon, Palestine etc.


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