Batch Plant Prices

Batch Plant Prices

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Batch Plant Prices

The plant mixed concrete and the industry has a  brief history in Turkey than the other countries. The first examples could be seen in the 1970’s. In this time the building companies used for their own needs. But in the year 1988 The Turkish Plant Concrete Union was established and this industr started to develop.

We have to know first of all the answers of is it profitable and what are the prices of the batch plants. We are here to find your answers as Mussan Group.

The attention by the designing and mounting, the 24 h services after sale makes us a leader of this sector. Mussan Group produces and builds qualified batch plants. We are producing for theeds of our clients and all of them are CE certified.

It’s easy and cheap to overhaul it. The materials are of good quality. All of the products are sanded and shock primed. The plant are build after the calculation of static and strength. The designs are for our clients accessibility.

The capacity of the batch plant must be suitable with your needs. There are different types of plants wich can produce between 30 and 120 cubicmeter per hour. You can chose one of them. It’s optional to the bunker closure system or warming system with the pipes. The mixer, concrete silo, automation system and conveyor bents are the must of a batch plant. It’s changing to type of the materials we use. It’s mobile or constant. The prices of the batch plants are changing between 70 thousand and 500 thousand Euro.


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