Automatic Brick Making Machine

Automatic Brick Making Machine

Automatic Brick Making Machine is required for big factories which produce more than 10,000 concrete blocks with dimensions of 20 x 40 x 20 cm. This type of ultimate automotion system with system control panel lets users controll all actions and use all functions of automatic brick making machin. Mussan Group company is one of the manufacturers in Turkey, which produces  high quality brick machines with affordable cost. The concrete block making machines made by our company have two-year warranty for all metal parts inclucding custom molds for concrete block production.

Automatic Brick Making Machine, Mussan Group observed that while the customers who are preparing to enter the manufacturing sector do their research through social media or similar resources, they buy Automatic Brick Making Machine from companies with low-quality standards, and they have a lot of problems due to the lack of experience or lack of information and after a few times of using they face those problems.

Any type of manufactured concrete block making machine is able to make almost all types of concrete blocks like: hollow blocks, pavering stones, borders, cobblestones or some custom designed concrete bricks. Fully automated brick making machine’s production speed table is similar to this:
Automatic Cobblestone-Brick Making Machine Daily  Volume

Daily/ Pieces per 8 hours:

Hollow Brick Production ( 100 X 400 X 200 cm)   22.000 Pieces

Hollow Brick Production (200 X 400 X 200 cm)    11.000 Pieces

For more information you might consider to visit the link of MG 12.2 Automatic Brick Making Machine. The ability of our concrete block making machine of creating styrofoam isolated concrete blocks lets it be considered as high level automated factory. With only 3 workers you are able to manufacture concrete blocks for 24/7.

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